Centre for Entrepreneurship and innovation is an initiative of experts and innovators that aims to promote entrepreneurial and innovative skills among Albanian youth. The vision of CEI is to start a process of transforming Albania into the tech-hub of Europe. Taking in consideration the shortage of skills and the vast demand existing on such skills we hope to contribute in regulating these market forces. Albania has a brilliant and talented youth with huge potential, if directed and trained the right way could be a valuable economic and social resource not only for the country but also for the region. CEI will contribute with setting up incubators for young entrepreneurial minds and new comers into the labour force, setting up courses and training sessions for information technology skills, connecting people that share similar interests and projects hoping to give a boost to start up creation in the Albanian market.

Our Mission

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an initiative of creative experts and innovators that aim to provide high quality performance support and learning resources through innovative approaches and superior industry knowledge and skills. We partner with organizations to help them achieve competitive advantage by improving their performance, the practice of management and its impact on the market. We design tailored solutions for organizations that need to thrive in the market or institutions that need to improve their efficiency, in both cases by confronting the need to adapt and grow. CEI has in its forefront of operating the alignment of peoples strategy and organization development strategy, since we believe in the synergy created by both. CEI achieves its mission in three market groups: Corporate Training, Professional Development and Government Institutions.

what we do


Leadership Transformation

Leadership in our times is an essential issue. The quality of leadership has a meaningful impact on how organizations work, how people evolve and how societies define their set of core values. Leadership depends on the individual and on the situation, making it a contextual action. Leadership transformation program has three main pillars: personal development, team leading, collective leading. Through an emphasis on intention, skill and will we go deep and create a whole process of personal development by putting people first for the best of the organization.

Innovation in Action

In modern economies based extensively in knowledge innovation remains the only solution for economic growth and for individuals to thrive. With our extensive experience both in academia and different industries in the market we team up with companies to provide them with the right methodology and toolset to innovate and commercialize their products and services.

Team Management

Managing people is as much a science as it is an art. In today dynamic world we help organizations by equipping their teams and leaders with the tools, context, mindset and knowledge that quickly boosts organizational productivity. Every enterprise fails because of poor management! Baring this principle in mind we have created a full 360° methodology that encapsulates all core management functions.

Digital age adaptation

The sole purpose of this training is helping people and organization building marketing skills needed to succeed in the digital economy. New digital tools and new models are developed constantly and we make sure that your organization leverages all this resources in the right way. Social media, digital marketing techniques, e-commerce fundamentals, branding and online presence are all presented with real-world application

Professional trainings

Professional training is a directory with a handful modules that aims to tackle issues related with business plan conceptualization and writing, sales, finance and accounting, interpersonal skills, business communication, customer service and strategic negotiations. The work force of the future must be prepared and also updated with the best practices in the market.

Youth in action

Albania has a brilliant and talented youth with huge potential, if directed and trained the right way could be a valuable economic and social resource not only for the country but also for the region. We aim to promote entrepreneurial and innovative skills among Albanian youth.



Education & Training

Tight labor markets require creative ways to keep your staff loyal to your company. Continuing education can improve your competitiveness by providing a great perk and keeping your staff on the cutting edge of your industry.

Institutional development

Offering research based innovative solutions and inspiring inventions for holistic socio economic development, helping institutions to generate, allocate and use human and financial resources effectively. We offer a wide range of advice and support to our partners to help them survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing economy.

Capacity Building

CEI provides an array of support to organizations to help them clarify their strategic vision, strengthen leadership skills, support managerial growth, develop and hone technical skills, streamline operational systems, improve organizational processes, and help with innovative work to develop new products.

Market Analysis & Studies

We help organization identifying new markets and potential foreign business partners, analyse their competitors and market size, develop a market plan, etc. With effective market research, companies can gain invaluable information about competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends and the spending traits of customers.

Research & Statistical Analysis

We will guide organization and individuals through the process of research and analysis, starting from problem and/or hypothesis formulation, research design, experimental design, data requirements, instrumentations, filed services, statistical consulting and analysis, content and conclusions assessment.

Managment & Innovation

We help institutions to increase their organizational effectiveness, manage change, improve organizational agility and create competitive advantage to drive business success. Our experts provide different solution on how to lead and design innovation as a need to gain competitive advantage.